These images detail an inventory estimation program developed in the late 1970's for the HP67/97 programmable calculators. This program was used in the Firestone warehouse at Akron HQ (one of the largest U.S. corporations at that time) which managed all corporate forms, advertising materials, and miscellaneous supplies that we shipped to our large tire warehouses, tire manufacturing plants, and 4000-plus stores. This program reduced floor inventory by 1/3 (approx. one million 2012 dollars) while at the same time reducing backorders from an average of 100 items to 10 or less. This program was not accepted in the suggestion channel because "We will be using a forecast model instead of a history model". I still have that document, and I remember clearly that the department which used the forecast model was outsourced shortly after the suggestion was returned. The HP67/97 was the first programmable calculator suitable for this task since it had sufficient one-card memory storage. Program storage was another matter. In order to get all program steps for all functions into memory at one time (and on a single backup card), the program was highly compressed which required approximately 250 hours of work.