Nikon S9100 Test                                                Nikon S9500 Test                                                Canon SX280 Test

    For this comparison I shot several bursts with each camera at best resolution and maximum zoom. 12 -vs- 18 mp and 450 -vs- 550 mm zoom (effective focal length).  I selected the best shot for
    each camera and re-sized the S9500 image, so the door would be the same size at 100 percent view as the S9100 image.  Following the resize, I cropped each image to what's seen here. With
    a maximum zoom ratio of 11 to 9, the S9500 has 50 percent more pixel coverage (11/9 * 11/9) in any particular part of the image (example: the door handle or lock), where the remainder of the
    difference would be in an improved sensor or image processor, less so the megapixels difference.  Update 19 April 2013: Added Canon SX280 test image.

Nikon S9500 ISO 125, 1 second                         Nikon S9500 ISO 400, 1 second

For this comparison I used a tripod and the 10-second timer. I set the camera to a fixed ISO of 125 for the first image and ISO 400 for the second image. Focal length was ~35mm equivalent.
The camera didn't fully compensate for the increased ISO for the second shot and so the image is slightly brighter. What's interesting is the quality of the ISO 400 image. I didn't get nearly this
good a result with the Panasonic LX7 - ostensibly a much better camera.

Egret, marsh, cropped from                   Parking lot, cropped from                   Flowers in outdoor flowerpot.             Sparrow cropped from 4896            Egret, cloudy sky, 1/60 second,
4896 x 3672 to 2448 x 1836                4896 x 3672 to 4800 x 2100              Cropped to 4400 x 3208 and             to 1600 wide and  resized to             ISO 125, cropped from 4896
550mm zoom (effectively 1100              ~50mm zoom (car was approx.          resized to 3072 x 2240. Macro           900 wide. Total effective zoom         wide to 3600 wide and resized
mm with crop).                                      165 ft. distant.                                    focus from ~8 inch distance.                with crop is 1683 mm.                      (effective zoom 748 mm).